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Humanitarians and/or extremists
Far-right pro-Serbian organizations have been trying to establish a prominent role in the socio-political life of Montenegro for an extended...
Population census: Between statistics and politics
After two years of delays due to the health and political crisis, a population census will be held in Montenegro...
Slowing down the pro-European path of the Western Balkans
In the new millennium, far-right populism was not acceptable within the European Union due to its direct conflict with its...
Civil or national concept for Montenegro
The negotiations regarding the formation of the 44th Government of Montenegro once again encouraged the Serbian leadership to directly interfere...
Reflexive control as an element of hybrid activities in Montenegro
One of the elements of hybrid operations first developed by the Russian mathematician and psychologist Vladimir Lefebvre is called reflexive...
DFC study: Fighting for democracy in the era of digital authoritarianism
A new study by the Digital Forensic Center entitled Fighting for Democracy in the Era of Digital Authoritarianism study aims...

How to Spot Disinformation?

Check the Source

Click away from the story to investigate the site.

Check the Date

Reposting old news stories doesn't mean they’re relevant to the current events.

Supporting Sources

Check whether the links provided support the story.

Is it Authentic?

Use Google reverse image search to check original photo source.

Check the Author

Do a quick search on the author? Is he/she credible?

Is it a Joke?

Maybe it’s a satire. Research the author and website to find out.

Personal Bias

Consider if your own beliefs could affect your judgement.

Check the Mainstream Media

Or other fact-checking websites.


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Fighting for democracy in the era of digital authoritarianism
IzboriPodLupom: Monitoring portala, 22.05-02.06, 2023.


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