Disinfo Brief #20

In this brief form, we provide an overview of all the significant (dis)information and analyses from the period behind us.

In the new edition, you can read about:

  • A new analysis by DFC titled The Far Right and Democracy, which addresses the rise of the right wing during the past decade, the spectrum of right-wing extremist ideologies, and the characteristics of extreme right-wing activities.
  • The DFC’s presentation of this year’s public opinion poll on media, media literacy, and disinformation.
  • The disinformation spread by the IN4S portal claiming that the NATO military exercise “Immediate Response 23” was relocated from Montenegro to North Macedonia.
  • The narrative portraying the Montenegrin Orthodox Church as an NGO and sect, and its Metropolitan Mihailo Dedeić as a defrocked priest, which has resurfaced in certain media outlets in Montenegro and Serbia.
  • The fake survey attributed to the Ipsos agency ahead of the parliamentary elections scheduled for June 11.

The twentieth edition of Disinfo Brief can be found at THIS LINK.